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Updated: May 16, 2022

The Details:

Strain Name: Magic Melon.

Strain Parents: Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon, and Mango Sherbert.

Vendor: Paradox Solventless.

Type: Live Rosin.

Consistency: Cold cure budder, in the shape of a Cannabis leaf.

Smell: Very fruity, sweet forward. Ripe melon, some mango lurking in the mix.

Flavor: Flavor is very sweet upfront, with a creamy, ripe melon finish. Think sweet honeydew melon mixed with juicy summer watermelon, a tiny bit of something sour mango like in the mix.

The Melt:

We used the quartz and terpometer for this. Matching as close to the range as the Puffco as possible (+/- 2-3 degrees F).

💙 (490) Lightly sweet, bit of melon, almost a cream fruit finish.

💚 (510) A lot more sweet forward. Notes of honeydew, cantaloupe, mango/gas, almost sour flavor with a bit of sweet.

♥️ (530) A lot of the more subtle flavors start to taper off here. Melon turns more candy like, still has a tiny bit of gas or sour and sweet at the end.

🤍 (550) Lots of sweet and Japanese melon candy, and creamy sweet on the end.

The Ride:

Big, sweet melon flavor and tropical undertones give way to a very warm, fuzzy euphoric start that transitions into a happy, energetic state. This has been my cup of coffee for the last two mornings. It's a nice burst of energy while still allowing me to have breakfast. Some Sativas are very appetite suppressing for me, but not this Sativa hybrid. Great for a wake n bake, or a mid take pick me up. Has a little creative bent to it, but not as much as a Haze Jack, or Durban strain. Think Red Congolese, but not as racey, more euphoric forward.

The Pack:

Black triangular package, brand name, motto and information on the front and sides. Detailed strain information sticker on rear. Front flap opens to reveal a small, low profile, push and twist top jar with an awesome pink/purple neon font with strain name on the top black sticker. Inside the jar, a gram of rosin budder shaped into a detailed Cannabis leaf.

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