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The Details:

Strain Name: Peanut Butter Breath

Strain Parents: Do-Si-Dos x Mendo Breath.

Vendor: Paradox Solventless.

Type: Live Rosin.

Consistency: Cold cure budder, in the shape of a Cannabis leaf.

Smell: The nose on this is very sweet, creamy, has some nutty and kushy notes.

Flavor: Flavor is nutty, sweet, with a deep, earthy Kush finish.

The Melt:

We used the quartz and terpometer for this. Matching as close to the range as the Puffco as possible (+/- 2-3 degrees F).

๐Ÿ’™ (490) Whispers of sweet, almost fruity nut-like vapor at this temp.

๐Ÿ’š (510) Still that very sweet forward start, but the nutty flavor has taken on a more creamy complex, while the finish is getting more kush-like.

โ™ฅ๏ธ (530) Nice peanut sweet here, think all natural, minimally processed peanut butter. Not that sweet sweet Jiffy stuff. Little bit of a gassy secondary layer but it's lost in the deep kush and loamy soil finish at this temp.

๐Ÿค (550) At this temp we're left with sweet and petrichor. Deep, dark, rich earth and kush, that's starting to get a bit scorched, but not burnt.

The Ride:

This strain is very good for unwinding. You know how you feel after being in a hot tub for a while and then you get out? That's how this feels. Melts your whole body and mind and puts you in a state of calm, and relaxation. Wonderful sweet and creamy flavor with a bit of nutty and earthy undertones. This strain is best for the end of the work day in my opinion. Not a very functional daytime strain. Even for me. But that's ok! It's why we have so many strains to choose from.

The Pack:

Black triangular package, brand name, motto and information on the front and sides. Detailed strain information sticker on rear. Front flap opens to reveal a small, low profile, push and twist top jar with an awesome pink/purple neon font with strain name on the top black sticker. Inside the jar, a gram of rosin budder shaped into a detailed Cannabis leaf.

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