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The Details:

Strain Name: Sundae Driver

Strain Parents: Fruity Pebbles x Grape Pie.

Vendor: Paradox Solventless.

Type: Live Rosin Cartridge.

Consistency: Viscous, golden amber liquid.

Smell: A woody, citrus smell from the tip of the cart itself. Vapor is sweet amber, aromatic sandalwood and citrus.

Flavor: Flavor is sweet with a woody, citrus kick. from the tip of the cart itself. Vapor is sweet amber, aromatic sandalwood and citrus.

The Melt:

My battery has 3 voltage settings, so we're going to test the cart out this way. 5 second pull.

💙 (LOW) Nice sweet, cedar, pine and citrus. No cough, or irritation.

💚 (MEDIUM) Still quite a sweet woody forward flavor. Not quite cedar or pine anymore. More of a sandalwood and evergreen. Bit of a tickle on the back of the throat after Repeated puffs, but that's normal for a cart imo. Repeated puffs at mid voltage or higher can irritate the back of your throat. Remember rosin is a LOW TEMP product.

♥️ (HIGH) I don't really recommend high settings for rosin carts, they're meant for low voltage settings. But this is for science 🤓!

Flavor is spicy, deep woody mix, with an almost camp fire kinda flavor and smell.

As always, I waited until the end of the cart before moving to the high voltage setting so as not to ruin the flavor. Use the medium or low settings on your 🔋!!!

The Ride:

Nice relaxing cruising vibe. Think lowrider shows on the weekends back in the 90s in Barrio Logan. IYKYK. Laid back, top down, back low, front high. Cruising down the block, blasting tunes. This is what the cart made me feel like, care free, just wanted to chill. Very relaxing, but not sleepy. Happy, fun mental vibes. Good anytime strain, but maybe not in the AM for the light heads, this is rosin after all, not a distillate or live resin cart.

The Pack:

A sleek black triangular pillar. Push and pull safety design. Paradox branding text and strain information sticker on outside. Bright pink #gosolventless hash tag on inside. 510 thread cart nestled inside the inner container.

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