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The Details:

Strain Name: Tropaya Live Rosin Cart

Strain Parents: Tropicanna Cookies x Papaya.

Vendor: Paradox Solventless.

Type: Live Rosin Cartridge.

Consistency: Viscous, golden amber liquid.

Smell: Fruity, sour smell from the tip of the cart itself. Vapor is more fruity and gas, bit of sour, sweet notes.

Flavor: Flavor is quite Papaya sour forward, with a sweeter finish.

The Melt:

My battery has 3 voltage settings, so we're going to test the cart out this way. 5 second pull.

๐Ÿ’™ (LOW) Great fruity sour forward and a sweet finish. Not harsh at all.

๐Ÿ’š (MEDIUM) Starting to lean a bit more pure papaya sour, and less fruit, still has a nice sweet finish that's just starting to get hot. Repeated puffs at mid voltage or higher can irritate the back of your throat. Remember rosin is a LOW TEMP product.

โ™ฅ๏ธ (HIGH) I don't really recommend high settings for rosin carts, they're meant for low voltage settings. But this is for science ๐Ÿค“! Taste turns an acidic, sour. The sweet finish turns almost burnt. I waited until the cart didn't have too much left in it before moving to the high voltage setting as I didn't wanna ruin the flavor of the cart. Use the medium or low settings on your battery.

The Ride:

Quite a nice relaxing ride. Big body high, but not heavy. Given enough puffs and time this strain was my go to nightcap for a few days. I slept quite well and didn't wake up multiple times throughout the night, which I'm prone to. Decent mood enhancement, a bit giggly at times. Good strain for later in the day unless you go light on the puffs.

The Pack:

A sleek black triangular pillar. Push and pull safety design. Paradox branding text and strain information sticker on the outside. Bright pink #gosolventless hash tag on inside. 510 thread cart nestled inside the inner container.

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