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Section 8: The Lowdown

What is this all about?

The motivation behind our 'Section 8' initiative is to further our commitment to telling the stories of humans who's passions and careers are fueled by cannabis. We do this in eight parts, the original intent being to release each of these eight questions and their answers over the course of a month on Instagram. The full interview would than be presented here, on our website.


By the time we started our 3rd interview it became clear that might not work. At first, I was a disappointed by this realization. And then I came the epiphany. This perceived as failure was not that at all, but rather a validation of my original intent.


My experience on both sides of the interview equation has lead me to believe that the clearest, most interesting interviews are the ones that are more or less a conversation, intentional in nature, that happened to be recorded. When people talk freely, the authenticity (or lack thereof) is unquestionable; you can feel it in the cadence of their voice and hear it in most every word and syllable that passes their lips.


That said, I often revisit old interviews and wish I had further elaborated or spoke more succinctly. I mean authenticity is great, but accuracy and clarity are of equal importance to both the person being interviewed and their inquisitor.


As the goals of our Section 8 initiative began to crystalize, so did the challenge before us. Can both authenticity and A combination of well-considered questions and answers achieve a meaningful balance? What might that look like?


Well this is exactly what it looks like. A conversational interview in eight parts, one question at a time, in written word. Rather than a prescribed list of questions that are typical of a written interview request, each answer begets the next question. As a result, the interview moves with the freedom of a real-time spoken interview, but with time for both parties to reflect and marinate of each other's responses. These responses are then further by accompanying images and/or video provided by the interviewee at their discretion.

Why is it called Section 8?

There are a number of reasons that I decided on the Section 8 name. First

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